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Essay: Goals - Why it can be done: eliminating plastic from shaving

Essay:  Goals - Why it can be done: eliminating plastic from shavingPlastic razors have been around for a relatively very short time, just since the 1970s.  In 1998 the so-called razor wars began when Gillette released the Mach3 razor.  Schick quickly countered with their 4 bladed Quattro.  Now one can find razors advertising 7 blades.  But, careful, more blades doesn’t mean a better shave.  In fact, the likely reason Gillette released the Mach3 is simple:  increase profit margins by locking customers into buying replacement cartridges for their same razor handle. This is called creating ‘product stickiness.’ In fact, Gillette’s razor blade sales increased by 50% after the release of the Mach3.  A genius business strategy, but bad for customers and...

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ESSAY - The Sailor's Choice? Why Safety Razors are Better.

Essay - The Sailor’s Choice in Shaving?  Why Safety Razors are Better. A recent Albatross customer, Lukas,  wrote to us after first trying his new razor.  “It’s amazing,” he said, “And you know what, now I realize that the way [plastic razors] are required to be used is inherently damaging to the skin.”   Lukas is right, and he made us realize that we should take a moment to highlight this.  What he is talking about is the fact that with plastic and cartridge razors one must pull the razor across their face which is the main source of irritation and cuts.  With a safety razor, one let’s the weight of the razor itself do the work which leads to...

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ESSAY - Price Equity: Women Should Try It Too

Price Equity:  Women should try it too A recent article in the Washington Post (here) highlighted the disparity between prices men and women pay for the [same] products.  Overwhelmingly, products marketed to women are priced considerably higher compared to the male version of the same products.  For example, women paid nearly 48% more for products such as shampoo, conditioner, and gel.  Moreover, shaving products are in 2nd place for biggest price hikes-- where women will spend roughly 11% more than men for essentially the same plastic razors and cartridges (items, by the way, that are already significantly overpriced and offer an inferior shave compared to the Albatross Safety Razor).   The Albatross SHAVES the World from Plastic campaign draws no...

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News - New Research Trajectory Announced - Gulf of Farallones

News - New Research Trajectory Announced - Gulf of Farallones Albatross Designs’ Trident Project is focused on conducting research and experiments in the hopes of better understanding and hopefully finding quick solutions to and/or threat mitigation strategies for today’s environmental issues.  The scope of the project is quite diverse with experiments ranging from marine biology to behavioural economics, and though it is sought to research all aspects of nature, special attention has always been given to the ocean by the Albatross team.  To this end,  Albatross announces today the creation of a new permanent research trajectory for the team and commitment to conduct offshore and coastal research in the Gulf of the Farallones off the Northern California coast near San...

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ESSAY - 2 Gallons at a Time

Essay - 2 Gallons at a Time The Albatross founder lives on a sailboat.  He believes, at least for the time being, that doing such enables him to more clearly think about environmental issues.  Here is one such thought process.   When I first moved onto a sailboat to live, a primary problem that needed to be resolved was my water situation.  The water tanks were not usable and solving that issue cost a bit of money I didn't want to spend yet and would require a bit of time I didn't have.  I could have also decided to connect a hose with fitting and in essence have running water.  This may come at some point, but I have fallen...

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