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How Safe Are Safety Razors?

How Safe Are Safety Razors?

We get it.  We were nervous too.  The reality is that we didn’t really know what to expect with our first shave.  But, after watching a few YouTube videos, etc. we gave it a shot and were very pleasantly surprised.  The shave is in fact better than with cartridge razors. And, the experience of shaving was too. We actually have been tracking it and have cut ourselves less than with plastic razors.  This is likely due to the fact that there is an inherent amount of error in multi-bladed razors; the blade angle is not always right for a specific topographical point of skin. With a double edged blade you are always holding the blade at the best angle for a specific spot of skin--e.g., a shin bone or jaw ridgeline.  

Many of our first Albatross videos showed us shaving while sailing to prove that it is easy enough to do both at the same time.  Still though, nicks can happen, and a styptic pencil available at your local drug store is a huge help in stopping any flow. For the record,  a real blade was used in all of our Shaving while Sailing videos and each time the shave was great and nick free! Still, it is a good idea to have a styptic pencil on hand.

Compared to multi-blade cartridge razors that you pull across your skin, safety razors need to glide.  The good news is that this means significantly less skin irritation [and better hair cutting]. But it also means you should be placing a high priority on lubrication before shaving.  We make a very nice shaving soap, but most bar soaps would work fine from a lubricating stand point. From a moisturizing stand point though, more natural and/or shaving specific soaps are likely worth it.  Yes, you can use a bar of Dial to shave but it will dry your skin out more than an olive oil soap. You Copy? Just remember the key takeaway: Be well lubricated to ensure the blade glides. And, use the lubricating medium to push your hairs upright.

Finally, remember that the razor handle has a blade guide that approximates well the ideal shaving angle, approximately 30 degrees.  If you’re well lubricated, the weight of the razor will do most of the work. When you’re new to using a safety razor we recommend using short strokes, no longer than 2 inches while looking in the mirror.  Concentrate.

You’re going to love it.  

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