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Are Albatross razors for men or women?

Our plastic-free razors are for all genders and all shaving needs! We simply make a high-quality tool that excels at shaving. The size of our razor head is optimized to handle all shaving situations.

So no Pink Tax on women's razors?

We believe in eliminating the disparity between pricing that men and women pay for similar products. Overwhelmingly, products marketed to women are priced considerably higher compared to the male version of the same products.  For example, women pay nearly 48% more for products like shampoo, conditioner, and gel.  Moreover, shaving products are in 2nd place for biggest price hikes-- where women will spend roughly 11% more than men for essentially the same plastic razors and cartridges! 

Switch to Albatross for the best zero waste shaving experience, equal pricing AND a plastic-free solution! It’s a win for all! 

What is the difference between the 3-Piece and the Butterfly safety razors?

The Butterfly zero waste safety razor is our most popular style and offers the easiest solution for replacing your blade with a quick bottom twist to secure it. The Butterfly XL has the same features with a longer handle length at 4.5” compared to the standard 3.5”. 

The 3-Piece zero waste safety razor takes a bit more effort to change the blade, but this style can be disassembled into a compact size. The 3-Piece is the preferred model for those who travel often. 

How do I take care of my Albatross safety razor?

Like any good tool, taking care of it will make it last longer.  

Here’s how to clean your plastic-free razor: 

  1. Rinse all the soap/ hair/ gunk from your razor after each use.
  2. Shake your razor to dry it. Using a towel to dry will make your blades duller. 
  3. Ensure your razor is stored in a dry spot to increase the life of your blades. 
  4. If you notice any corrosion, rub that spot vigorously with a terry cloth towel, or a small piece of emery cloth.
  5. Ensure your razor is clean and dry to make it last longer!
  6. If needed, you can soak your razor in white vinegar or a 50/50 vinegar to water solution for a deeper clean.
How can I learn to shave with a safety razor for the first time?

Follow these steps to get a close and comfortable shave with an Albatross zero waste safety razor:

  1. First, check out our YouTube video below.
  2. Make sure you are using a good lubricating shaving cream or soap.  This is critical to ensuring the blade can glide smoothly over your skin.
  3. Hold the razor at an angle of about 30 degrees between the blade and your skin.
  4. Do not apply any extra pressure or pull too hard; the weight of the razor itself is acting on the blade and that is generally sufficient for a great, close shave.
  5. Use short strokes, especially in the beginning.
  6. Rinse the blade often as you go.
  7. For an optimal shave, try shaving after a shower or steam bath.  The heat, water, and steam help to soften the hair for an even better shave. Note: this is not necessary, but will give you a luxurious shave experience! 
  8. Concentrate! 

Watch our video below to see Andrew, the founder of Albatross, demonstrate how to effectively use a double-edge plastic-free safety razor: 


Will other razor blades fit in my Albatross safety razor?

All standard double-edge safety razor blades should fit your Albatross razor.

Can I recycle my razor blades? What can I do with the used blades?

We recommend upcycling your razor blades through our Blade Take Back Program. Additionally, your local municipal recycling center may also accept stainless steel shaving blades.  

Do you sell wholesale?

We do! If you are interested in having Albatross plastic-free razors and products in your store, contact us at with Wholesale mentioned in the subject line.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We do! Please click here to apply!


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping within the US is $5.99 or FREE with any order over $65. 

International shipping is $15.00. International order delivery times vary and are subject to customs processing time and fees. 

Does your shipping or packaging include plastic?

Following our mission to be as sustainable as possible, all of our packaging and products are completely plastic-free!

How long will it take to receive my order?

You will receive an email notification once your order has been shipped. Most orders ship within 3 - 5 business days and typically take another 2 - 3 days to  arrive at your door. International orders may take longer due to customs processing times. All shipping times can vary and we make our best effort to ship sooner than the estimated time when possible!

Do you accept returns?

Due to the sanitary nature of our product, we do not accept any returns or issue refunds.

Do you have a warranty?

We have a Lifetime Warranty at that! 

  • If anything goes wrong with your razor as the result of a manufacturing defect we will repair or replace your razor at no charge. You must be the original purchaser (with proof of purchase), or if it was a gift, must be able to verify the original order or purchaser information. Please message us at with a picture of your razor and we can go from there. Unfortunately, our warranty does not cover the shipping fees, so while we are able to cover the full cost of a replacement item, we do ask that the customer cover the shipping fees ($5.99 domestic within U.S.; $15.00 international). 
  • We get it, accidents happen! But, unfortunately, if you drop your razor in the shower, this kind of damage is outside of our warranty. NB, our razor is actually quite durable but sometimes the wrong knock will nevertheless damage it. If this does happen, no need to fret! Please email us at with a description of the situation and a picture of the razor and we'll do our best to troubleshoot and either suggest a solution to fix the issue, or provide you with a substantial, special discount code that can be put towards a replacement razor.
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