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News - New Research Trajectory Announced - Gulf of Farallones

News - New Research Trajectory Announced - Gulf of Farallones Albatross Designs’ Trident Project is focused on conducting research and experiments in the hopes of better understanding and hopefully finding quick solutions to and/or threat mitigation strategies for today’s environmental issues.  The scope of the project is quite diverse with experiments ranging from marine biology to behavioural economics, and though it is sought to research all aspects of nature, special attention has always been given to the ocean by the Albatross team.  To this end,  Albatross announces today the creation of a new permanent research trajectory for the team and commitment to conduct offshore and coastal research in the Gulf of the Farallones off the Northern California coast near San...

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ESSAY - 2 Gallons at a Time

Essay - 2 Gallons at a Time The Albatross founder lives on a sailboat.  He believes, at least for the time being, that doing such enables him to more clearly think about environmental issues.  Here is one such thought process.   When I first moved onto a sailboat to live, a primary problem that needed to be resolved was my water situation.  The water tanks were not usable and solving that issue cost a bit of money I didn't want to spend yet and would require a bit of time I didn't have.  I could have also decided to connect a hose with fitting and in essence have running water.  This may come at some point, but I have fallen...

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The Trident Project

The Trident Project represents our effort to create beneficial environmental impacts any way we can.  The efforts found within the Trident Project ignore profitability in the name of a higher calling.  The Trident Project draws absolutely no limits in terms of project scope, and includes not only efforts to design exciting, meaningful products but also efforts focused on scientific exploration (e.g., we spend a lot of time on the Ocean collecting various bits of data) and other research and data acquisition.  We know that we can't do it by ourselves, but if we learn from an experience we hope to share what we learned with the world so that somebody else might take the proverbial torch and run with it.Here...

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