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Become an Albatross Community Ambassador

  Albatross SHAVES the World from Plastic COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR PROGRAM What: The Albatross Community Ambassador program is a way for people passionate about preventing plastic waste to get rewarded for helping us help others make the switch to the double edged safety razor.  This holiday season help us convert more people to plastic free shaving and make a bit of cash for yourself! If accepted as a C.A., you will receive a unique discount link that can then be shared with your friends, contacts and social network.  The link will be good for a 15% discount on sales of our Razors (Happy Holidays!) through January 1, 2017 and will be used to track these sales.  You’ll then get 15% of...

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Sustainability Challenges: Alternative Packaging and the Idea of Green by Default

Sustainability Challenges:  Alternative Packaging and the Idea of Green by Default As our effort known as Albatross SHAVES the World from Plastic progresses we have been striving to get in more retail stores.  For small stores our standard fiber bag solution has worked brilliantly as a packaging means because it is quite easy to simply take the bags off the shelf and glance inside.  As we approach what I will call ‘stores with aisles,’ which as you know sell plastic razors, we are often confronted with a resistance to our own resistance to using plastic packaging at stores.  Stores with aisles specifically often make 2 main points: Customer must see the razor itself[This means we can’t simply place the razor...

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Boat Life: Sustainability at Sea and in the Harbor?

Boat Life: Sustainability at Sea and in the Harbor? Sailing is magical. When one is “sailing in the groove” their sails are balanced and steering is easy. The boat almost steers itself. Downwind, riding waves with the spinnaker up is exhilarating at the least as the risk of catching up with and crashing into the waves in front of you is very real. Offshore racing is about taking it to the limit in the pursuit of speed and knowing that too much could end in catastrophe — breaking the boat is never a good thing. Sustainability. The art of survival. On a boat the concept has a more immediate demand for attention. As soon as I step on a boat my new purpose...

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Price Matters: Why Valuable Green Products need to be Affordable

Price Matters:  Why Valuable Green Products need to be Affordable For as long as I've known of Whole Foods, I've heard people joke about their high prices by referring to the chain as “Whole Paycheck.”  Although this jest was all too true for the average earner - only those in the upper-echelons of wealth could truly afford to do their grocery shopping there - Whole Foods enjoyed meteoric growth. Traditionally, Whole Foods customers fell into the LOHAS [Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability] market demographic, which was characterized as an affluent but relatively small target market.  Recently though, I heard a Whole Foods radio ad about the thousands of sale items they offer every day, asserting that they were now more...

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Essay - Citizen Scientists:  Sailors at the forefront

Essay - Citizen Scientists:  Sailors at the forefrontWe live in a world where data can easily become knowledge and knowledge, as has always been the case, is power.  When it comes to Ocean Plastics and other ocean issues, this most definitely continues to prove true.  The tricky part about gathering data from the ocean and the world’s other water bodies is that it is vast! The important part though, is that by gaining data we increase our ability to act and, thus, improve the situation.   There are many, many research institutions across the globe actively researching the ocean, yet they still only scratch the surface.   This though could be about to change.  At Albatross Designs we are working with...

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