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[Zero] Waste Wednesday (our 6 day Anti-Black Friday Holiday)

[Zero] Waste Wednesday (our 6 day Anti-Black Friday Holiday)

[Zero] Waste Wednesday:  The anti-Black Friday?

Black Friday has many shortcomings, not least its effect on the environment.  It is the biggest shopping day of the year, the day when the most “stuff” is sold.  Much of that “stuff” is actually superfluous, and quite quickly becomes waste.  For example, the average kid’s toy gets used for only 2 weeks before it becomes waste.  Add to this the fact that Black Friday often exposes us to the worst parts of our Hyper-consumerist economy (YouTube it for examples). Well, we’re saying this doesn’t have to be the case!  Look, we get gifts as much as anyone, and yes, we like showing others we are thinking of them at the holidays too.  But…

What if you purchased holiday gifts that made a difference?  Gifts that actually reduced waste not created it? What if, for example, your colleagues, friends, and family members got a beautiful Albatross SHAVES the World from Plastic razor?  There are of course many things that make good zero waste gifts.  What we’re asking is that you consider using the need to give a gift to someone as a way to help that person transition to a less wasteful lifestyle.  There are so many simple things that we can all do that add up to incredibly meaningful and powerful change.  At Albatross our goal is to eliminate plastic from shaving.  We think we can because our razors shave better than cartridge razors and they are more affordable.  There are many other products too that lend themselves to a better world.

Imagine if this Christmas everyone got gifts that helped them live a more enjoyable, less wasteful lifestyle? If this happened, then in many senses we'd be giving the gift of Zero Waste-- that is, the gift of a better planet and healthier lifestyle for all.  Let's do it then.  This holiday let's share with others a life lived responsibly and more pure.

Albatross Razors are just one small step of this transition, but if you are getting a gift for someone who shaves, we encourage you to consider one of our Zero Waste razors.

Oh Right.  We didn't feel totally right about starting this sale on Black Friday.  We're more interested in starting some sort of anti-black Friday holiday anyway. So we thought: [Zero] Waste Wednesday?  Yes, it's a start. But why just one day?  Actually, at Albatross “Zero Waste Wednesday” is going to be 6 days long! From 8 am PST on Wednesday through cyber Monday we're having our biggest sale of the season.  Longer and simpler than Black Friday by design because you should be able to relax and enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend, not stress about some arbitrary deadline for a shopping holiday.  That’s right, this weekend you should chill, relax, enjoy, be with your family, go surfing, go sailing, take a walk, wake up slow, eat absolutely delicious food, watch a movie, get cozy, get crazy too, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME. 

We hope that you will help us get plastic razors out of and zero waste razors into people's hands as quickly as possible.  Please enjoy 20% off all orders of $50 or more with the code ZeroWasteHoliday2018 at checkout through “cyber Monday.” Go ahead, give some awesome gifts this year! Make a meaningful difference in the world.


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