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albatross collection shave the world from plastic

The Original Zero Waste Shave

Albatross Designs was the first company in the world to eliminate all plastic and waste from shaving. Since 2015 we've had 1 primary goal: to offer a better product at a better price than all of our competition. We believe that sustainability should be affordable because only then can [accessible] sustainable products make a real difference in the world.

Our razors come with a limited lifetime warranty. They're made to last so our planet can too. They shave better than anything else out there too. Multi-blade razors simply can't compete with the shaving performance of double edged safety razors-- it's a matter of basic physics. We encourage you to give our beautiful, luxurious safety razors a try and discover how shaving can transform from a chore into an act of self-care that you actually look forward to!

Albatross Designs was started first and foremost with a desire for all of our products to benefit the natural world. We are really proud of the Albatross Blade Take Back Program -- the world's 1st- for example! Our team is especially drawn to the ocean. Surfing and sailing transcend recreational pursuits for us. They are spiritual activities. Our beautiful planet faces many threats, but we strongly believe that it still can be!

Please join us and thousands of other people of all genders, backgrounds, incomes and nationalities who have discovered the huge benefits that plastic-free shaving provides. To shave with our razors is to immerse yourself in a luxurious experience that will leave you feeling great. Never again will you feel forced to shave. Rather, you will want to shave! This isn't hyperbole, countless customers write to us in disbelief about how much they enjoy shaving with a real, beautiful tool (not a future piece of trash). 

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