Greener, Cheaper, Better Shaving

Albatross SHAVES the world from Plastic

Over 2 Billion Plastic Razors are thrown away each year, much of which finds its way into our oceans.  This doesn't need to be the case though.  We've launched a campaign to address this called Albatross SHAVES the World from Plastic.  


Firstly, our razors really do offer a better shave than disposable and cartridge razors.   Secondly, once you get a razor, you'll be able to buy replacement blades from us for $0.15 each.  These blades are fully recyclable, and we ask that you do please recycle them, and better yet there is no plastic being wasted or created.  Moreover, we have a blade take back program in the event your municipal recycler doesn't take used blades.  

So, a better shave, at a lower cost, with no plastic waste?  Win, win, win.  

Please try to today and help us Eliminate Plastic from Shaving!