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Education's Impact on the Environment: And, how you can help.

Education's Impact on the Environment: And, how you can help.

We found this school with a sailboat painted on it, and thought How Cool! It also got us thinking about Education and the Environment.

What’s the connection? Well let’s just say “Education” has an immense impact on how quickly the world can transition to a point of sustainability. There are of course many different types of education we people can get.

Schools like the one in this photo should undoubtedly form the foundation of any modern education-- this is where we #learn about formal concepts and knowledge that explain how the world actually works. Your science, your government, your economics, etc. Sadly, in much of the world primary school curriculums are being manipulated to, say, deny Climate Change. This isn’t right and we should all be vigilant in passing down humanity’s stock of knowledge accurately to future generations.

Next, there is our informal education. Education that is not so much from school, but from, say, that crazy Uncle who took us on a boat for the first time. Or, from slipping on an icy sidewalk. Our informal education is vast because basically it is learning from doing, from experiencing. We are becoming wiser every day. As animals we are constantly learning and developing strategies to theoretically better.

But, if that last bit about living better were true, how is it that #humans are not doing more to protect life as We Know It? Well, there are many reasons including: misinformation, greedy people and organizations, and simple ignorance to the extent of environmental issues today.

Fear not, though, folks! Nothing matters but the present, and the world is filled with teachers like you who can help share the meaning of a sustainable Planet and other ideas related to a healthier, more fair life for everyone.

Action is Everything, so here are a few ways you can help advance education as a Global Citizen.

  1. Support formal education through supporting teachers. Teachers are perhaps the most undervalued people in our society. They are responsible for educating us all at some point, yet often are forced to endure ridiculous governmental policies and budgets. This forces many teachers to use their own moderate salaries to cover classroom expenses, or worse: get different jobs. Vote with teachers in mind!

  2. Engage your community. Sooner or later we all have to speak up. Does your local pub realize there are better options than plastic to-go containers? Perhaps you can kindly ask them if they could consider compostable containers because the plastic ones hurt the earth so much.  Remember, discourse is the seed of wisdom!

  3. Cut out Misinformation. It is in the financial and political interest of many, many powerful voices in our society to spread inaccurate information for their own gain. We believe truth is something that, especially in a democracy, must be protected. Unfortunately, these days there is likely far more faux media than accurate, noble media. Do not participate in these things. Take steps to research what you see, think critically for yourself, and understand the other side of the debate or issue. Don't help spread misinformation!

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