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New Realities: What we learned from Montreal in winter

This past holiday season Albatross traveled to Montreal, Quebec, Canada for one of our annual design pilgrimages. We chose Montreal because it typically embodies a strong winter environment that is a heck of a lot colder than coastal California. Winter is a time where there are a great deal of small actions that have magnified impacts on sustainability. For example, we’ve all heard the old: You can save 10% on your heating bill by lowering your heat 1 degree C. It’s actually true. There are many more tricks like this. Montrealers likely know many of these out of necessity (e.g., put film over your windows to stop a draft). There are many other cultural, governmental, and foundational forces present that...

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This past holiday season we traveled to Lago di Como in northern Italy and Aracta, California to explore design styles and connect with the outdoors a bit to find inspiration for the coming year.     The Italy trip was fantastic, and we discovered some amazing Italian housing construction styles that we would like to incorporate into coming designs.  Beyond the incredible modern styles that Italy is famous for, it's older designs are still quite spectacular.  For example, take Como's Villa Gaeta below.  Simply a magnificent example of Como's timeless style and in many ways similar to our razor's classic design.  It was a remarkably warm holiday in Como this year... which made our boat trip more comfortable, but scared...

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