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Why we believe Eliminating Plastic from Shaving Can be Done

Why we believe Eliminating Plastic from Shaving Can be Done

Plastic razors have been around for a relatively very short time, just since the 1970s. In 1998 the so-called razor wars began when Gillette released the Mach3 razor. Schick quickly countered with their 4 bladed Quattro. Now one can find razors advertising 7 blades. But, careful, more blades doesn’t necessarily equate to a better, more clean shave.  

In fact, the likely reason Gillette released the Mach3 is simple: increase profit margins by locking customers into buying replacement cartridges for their same razor handle. This is called creating ‘product stickiness.’ In fact, Gillette’s razor blade sales increased by 50% after the release of the Mach3. A genius business strategy, but bad for customers and the environment.  Multi-bladed plastic razors are advertised as ‘precision, engineered’ products, but in reality they enable the sale of less metal and more plastic to customers. More blades does not mean a clean shave. We all know that a barber's straight razor shave is the best shave around... a double-edged safety razor is the next best thing, and nearly as good.  

Albatross Designs believes that the double-edged safety razor can and will replace these wasteful, poorly performing disposable, multi-blade razors. How can one argue in favor of plastic disposables when confronted by the following facts?

  1. A double-edged safety razor objectively shaves better, resulting in a clean shave that is smoother and involves less clogging
  2. Single-use plastics are eliminated by using a double-edged safety razor
  3. Albatross is committed to selling replacement blades for $0.30 each, which is significantly cheaper than all plastic alternatives
We are strong proponents for the comeback of the double-edged safety razor. Try one today and you’ll realize just how much of a close, smooth, and clean shave it can give you. We've made our razors and replacement blades as affordable as possible to encourage you to give them a try. Please do and tell your friends and family. Our goal is simple: to SHAVE the World from Plastic!
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