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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of a Safety Razor

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of a Safety Razor

We get it – the idea of using a safety razor can feel rather daunting. Going from a lightweight, plastic razor to a heavy duty one that’s made from metal and requires changing the blade . . . It's a lot. But, the team here at Albatross Designs believes wholeheartedly that making the swap to plastic-free and durable products is the best decision for both our personal health and wellness, and the well being of our planet. And we want to nurture this transition to ensure our customers feel comfortable shaving with one of our Albatross shavers. Our goal is to break down the process of using a safety razor so our customers feel empowered to use our products, not overwhelmed. So, without further ado, here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of a safety razor

  1. The Blades Are SUPER Easy-to-Load

    Let’s start with the most intimidating part of a safety razor: the blades! Although using any safety razor will require handling the blades, our doubled-edged razor blades are wider and easier to handle than other types of smaller, thinner blades. And with the butterfly Albatross shavers (standard and XL), changing the blade is as easy as one, two, three: 1) twist the bottom of the razor to unscrew the wings at the top; 2) set the blade in the notch; 3) twist again to close the wings. Voilà! All-in-all, we’ve designed our Albatross shavers so that you can feel confident swapping out your blades with ease.
  1. Safety Razors Provide Smoother Results with Less Irritation

    If you don’t already know, safety razors give a better, closer shave than their multi-blade and disposable counterparts. This factor was incredibly important to us when establishing our line of safety razors. And if the performance of our unique butterfly razors was not actually better than multi-blades, we would have never started our company with this product and the goal of eliminating plastic from shaving. Seriously!

    You see, safety razors shave with a single blade edge at a time and typically require no more than 2 passes of the razor for an ultra-smooth shave. On the other end of the spectrum are multi-blade razors with 3 or more blades; each swipe with one of these razors means that 3 blades were just dragged across your skin. Make 2 swipes with a multi-blade and 6 blades were effectively dragged across your skin. The more blades that get dragged across your skin, the more irritation you’ll experience. DE safety razors specifically cut down on irritating abrasions typically caused by multi-blade shavers though because they shave efficiently with fewer irritating blade passes. This allows you to receive a closer and, importantly, more comfortable shave. If you’re someone who has suffered from razor burn and bumps in the past, we’d recommend lathering up with our eucalyptus-scented shaving soap, using one of the Albatross shavers, and then applying a light lotion or using a lotion bar post-shave. 
  1. There’s No Need to Apply Any Pressure

    As we mentioned above, the weight of a safety razor and the material it’s made from tend to contribute to the feeling of intimidation. Rest assured, these attributes actually work in your favor to create a simpler shaving experience. Compared to plastic razors, safety razors do the work for you. You simply let the weight of the razor guide you, eliminating the need to apply any extra pressure when shaving. This makes the shaving experience with Albatross shavers quite simple and enjoyable. And, when it comes down to it, there’s something special about using a heavier tool to shave. The weight not only steers the shave, it also affirms the fact that you are using a durable, long-lasting tool that makes a positive impact on our planet. So, just remember, don’t add any extra pressure when shaving – let the natural weight of the razor do the work for you – and you’ll enjoy a lifetime of plastic free, luxurious shaving.
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