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Unique Features of Albatross Safety Razors

Unique Features of Albatross Safety Razors

If you’ve checked out our 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of a Safety Razor blog post, you’re probably already familiar with some of the key benefits of our products, as well as our mission to ease the transition to plastic-free shaving. In the spirit of this shaving transparency (or shavesparency bad pun we know!), we wanted to take the time to describe and highlight some of the qualities that make Albatross razors stand out from the rest. After all, we didn’t become the world’s first zero-waste shaving company by designing just any ‘ole safety razor! Here are some of the unique features of Albatross razors: 

  • Double the Edges, Double the Plastic-Free Shaving Power 
    • Unlike some other safety razors, Albatross razors are double edged. What does this mean for you? The ability to maximize your plastic-free shaving experience with fewer strokes and rinses! With two blade sides, you can double the amount of time spent shaving in between rinses of your razor while shaving. When one side becomes full with cut hair, simply turn the razor around and use the other edge of the blade, and then rinse it all out easily. Double edged Albatross razors also cut down on the abrasions and razor burn typically caused by multi-blade shavers because they shave efficiently with fewer irritating blade passes. 
  • No Clogging
    • Albatross razors don’t clog like the typical multi-blade. As one of the advantages of plastic-free shaving, not only do you get more shaving strokes per needed rinse because of the double edge, when you do go to rinse your razor it’ll clear quickly and easily. Space is quite cramped in between the blades of a multi-blade and as such hair, skin cells, oils, and shaving soap often become tricky to rinse away as you’re shaving. You won’t experience any of that hassle when using one of our Albatross razors because they have lots of drainage to prevent any clogging. Better yet, if you are using a butterfly model, it is very easy to twist the razor open slightly for even more hassle-free drainage.
  • Built to Last
    • Do you remember when things used to be made to last a lifetime? Before the current, linear model of usage → disposal → buy more again, products were intended to last multiple generations. While razors were not immune to this mindset shift, we are committed to making products that return to this circular usage model. Instead of buying container after container of plastic, disposable razor cartridges, purchase just 1 of our refillable Albatross razors and receive a lifetime of plastic-free shaving! Albatross razors are durable, long-lasting tools that make a positive impact on our planet. 
  • Safety Guard for Added Protection
    • Calling back to that “3 Reasons” blog post, a lot of the stigma around safety razors is associated with the misconception that they are, ironically, not safe to use. This is untrue. Albatross razors are designed so that unless the razor is held at a 30 degree angle, the blade will not even make contact with your skin. And to ensure this protection, all three of our razor styles feature a safety guard below the blade that will stop it from touching your skin unless the razor is tilted at the perfect angle for plastic-free shaving. The safety guard also stops the blade from directly touching whatever surface the razor is set on, eliminating the potential for any dulling of the blade as well as damage to your bathroom countertop. Just remember to let the weight of the razor do the work (that is, don’t add any extra pressure when shaving like you might with a multi-blade) and you will enjoy a lifetime of luxurious, plastic-free shaving.
  • Travel Pouch Included
    • We understand life on-the-go. In fact, we created our Take Back Ware utensils specifically to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics while outside the house. We want all of our products to be easily accessible no matter where you are, which is why every purchase of one of our Albatross razors includes a hemp storage and travel bag! The bag is sturdy, durable, and perfect for storing your razor between uses, whether that’s at home or across the globe. Pro tip: nestle your razor into the pouch head first so you can pull it in and out by the handle and not the area where the blade is located. 
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