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ESSAY - Forget the Brush, You Don’t Need It!

ESSAY - Forget the Brush, You Don’t Need It!

Double edged safety razors have begun to, again, become very popular in the last couple years.  Many of the early trailblazers of this movement are motivated to use the double edged blade because it offers the best shave you can get outside of a barber’s chair.  Many of these early adopters are motivated by the near salon level quality the DE safety razor offers, and as such are big advocates of using a badger hair brush to apply shaving cream.  

We definitely do not dispute that using a brush will lead to a better shave.  The bristles are able to prop up facial hair for the ultimate close shave.  Saying this, the brush isn’t necessary!  We concede that our sailing roots often lead us to a minimalist worldview.  When, say, traveling we like to travel light.  But now, even when home, we get by without the brush.  The shaving experience is still incredibly close.  Just be sure to spend a couple seconds working your shaving cream into a lather and standing your facial hair up as best you can with your hands.  
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