ESSAY - The Sailor's Choice? Why Safety Razors are Better.

ESSAY - The Sailor's Choice? Why Safety Razors are Better.

Essay - The Sailor’s Choice in Shaving?  Why Safety Razors are Better.

A recent Albatross customer, Lukas,  wrote to us after first trying his new razor.  “It’s amazing,” he said, “And you know what, now I realize that the way [plastic razors] are required to be used is inherently damaging to the skin.”  

Lukas is right, and he made us realize that we should take a moment to highlight this.  What he is talking about is the fact that with plastic and cartridge razors one must pull the razor across their face which is the main source of irritation and cuts.  With a safety razor, one let’s the weight of the razor itself do the work which leads to a close, rejuvenating shave.  

Being sailors, we are constantly in the sun, wind, and wet.  Our skin by all means takes a beating (pun intended for you other sailors).  Well, the truth is, since we started using our safety razors our skin has never looked so good.  With less irritation and smoother, more even exfoliation the safety razor is the ultimate tool for ensuring healthy, fresh looking skin.

As such, if you are a sailor, outdoorsman, or just desire a great complexion you should give our safety razor a try today!