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Ocean Animal Wooden Toy Set: Why We Started Making Plastic-Free Toys

Ocean Animal Wooden Toy Set: Why We Started Making Plastic-Free Toys


Just before the 2021 holiday season, we expanded our product line to include plastic-free toys. Why did we do this? In short, to reform an entire and very plastic-dependent industry. 

While we are best known as being the world’s first zero waste shaving company, we view ourselves as a sustainable design company focused on making sustainable progress wherever we can. The launch of our first children’s toy, the Ocean Animal Wooden Toy Set, also marks a proud milestone into these new territories. 

About Our Toy Set

The Albatross Designs Ocean Animal Wooden Toy Set is a sustainable play alternative designed for children ages 3 and up. The set is entirely plastic-free, and comes in a metal tin that includes: 10 beechwood animal blocks in a hemp bag; a booklet with beautiful illustrations and educational information on each animal; and a paper play mat. The Ocean Animal Wooden Toy Set was created with the hopes of introducing kids to the amazing animals that live in the sea, and providing them with some real-world stimulation in this digital-centric age. 

Albatross Toys aims to combine natural materials with creativity, education, and the magic that is our natural world. Our toys use natural, non-toxic materials. They have CPC and EN71 certificates. 

The Importance of Plastic-Free Toys

90% of the toys on the market are plastic, and the toy industry is the most plastic intensive industry in the world [UNEP, 2014]. Cheap, plastic toys have become commonplace, used briefly before they either break or get tossed away. 80% of discarded toys end up in landfills, incinerators and oceans before their useful life is actually up. Albatross Designs is here to change this. 

As the expression goes: "We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." The Ocean Animal Wooden Toy Set strives to give kids an inspirational glimpse into the natural world, while also providing both an educational and real sensory experience. 

While there are many benefits to the digital age, we feel it is equally important to ensure children also have the opportunity to play with more 'analog,' hands-on toys. This type of play augments learning, imagination and motor skills. 

A Bigger Vision

With our entrance into the toy market, we aim to continue creating toy designs, both for Albatross Designs and for any external, larger and public companies that have been a bit slower in the uptake of sustainable and ESG promoting practices. We see a huge amount of potential value creation in helping eliminate plastics from the toy industry. 

If you are interested in discussing any custom sustainable toy design projects, or selling the Ocean Animal Wooden Toy Set through your business, please reach out to us! We’d love to hear from you. All inquiries can be sent to
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