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What’s It Really Like Using a Safety Razor?

What’s It Really Like Using a Safety Razor?

We’ve been pretty open about how the transition to using a safety razor can initially feel somewhat intimidating. In fact, the Founder of Albatross Designs filmed himself shaving (legs included!) as part of our how-to video to both visualize this process and help first time users overcome any nervousness. We feel that having many examples and descriptions of the zero waste shaving process across multiple mediums is extremely helpful. We’ve created this post to describe what it’s like to use a safety razor, with the hopes of not only encouraging people to add this zero waste swap to their sustainable lifestyle, but also improving everyone’s overall zero waste shaving experience. 

  • Pre Shaving // The Simplest Blade Loading Process Ever
    • Not to toot our own horn, but we feel pretty confident in saying that Albatross razors have the simplest blade loading process. Compared to other types of smaller, thinner safety razor blades, our doubled-edged razor blades are wider and easier to handle. And most plastic razors have pivoting heads that flop around as you’re trying to swap out the replacement cartridges. With the butterfly-style Albatross razors (both standard and XL), changing the blade is as easy as one, two, three: 1) twist the bottom of the razor to open the wings at the top; 2) set the blade in the notch; 3) twist again to close the wings. Voilà! All-in-all, we’ve designed our Albatross razors so that you can feel confident swapping out your blades with ease.
  • During Shaving // A Pressure-Free and Stress-Free Experience
    • People may think that using a safety razor is tricky or difficult, but actually the reverse is true because you don’t need to apply any pressure– you let the razor itself do the work. After lathering up with a good shaving soap (try ours!), let the weight of the razor guide you as you work through the area with short strokes. Compared to plastic razors, safety razors do the work for you. This makes the zero waste shaving experience with an Albatross razor quite simple and enjoyable. So, just remember, don’t add any extra pressure when shaving – let the natural weight of the razor do the work for you – and you’ll enjoy a lifetime of luxurious, zero waste shaving. 
  • During Shaving // Maximized Shave with Fewer Strokes
    • We’ve already mentioned that our doubled-edged razor blades provide a benefit when loading the blade, but they also have an advantage during the zero waste shaving process. Our blades are called double-edged for a reason: there are two sharpened sides! With two edges, you’re able to switch to the 2nd side when one side is full, maximizing blade usage and the amount of time between rinses when shaving. Two blade sides = double the amount of time spent shaving in between rinses of your razor. Double edged Albatross razors also cut down on the abrasions and razor burn typically caused by multi-blade shavers because they shave efficiently with fewer irritating blade passes.
  • During Shaving // Quick, Easy Rinses
      • In addition to getting more shaving strokes per needed rinse because of the Albatross razor’s double edges, when you do go to rinse your razor it’ll clear quickly and easily. Space is quite cramped in between the blades of a multi-blade razor, and as such hair, skin cells, oils, and shaving soap often get trapped and become tricky to rinse away as you’re shaving. You won’t experience any of that hassle when zero waste shaving with one of our Albatross razors because they have lots of drainage to prevent any clogging. Better yet, if you are using either the standard butterfly or butterfly XL model, it is very easy to twist the razor open slightly for even more hassle-free drainage.
    • Post Shaving // Smooth Results with Less Irritation
      • Albatross razors are designed to cut down on the irritating abrasions caused by multi-blade shavers, allowing you to receive a closer and more comfortable zero waste shaving experience. Here’s how: safety razors shave with a single blade edge at a time and typically require no more than 2 passes of the razor for an ultra-smooth shave. On the other end of the spectrum are multi-blade razors with 3 or more blades; each swipe with one of these razors means that 3 blades were just dragged across your skin. Making just 2 swipes with a multi-blade means that, effectively, 6 blades were dragged across your skin. The more blades that get dragged across your skin, the more irritation you’ll experience. Double edged Albatross razors specifically cut down on irritating abrasions typically caused by multi-blade shavers because they shave efficiently with fewer irritating blade passes. The end result is a closer and, importantly, more comfortable shave. And to further prevent any post zero waste shaving bumps or burns, you can also apply a light lotion or a lotion bar once you’re done with your shave. 
    Albatross Designs In The Media:

    As you may know, one of our primary goals is to make sustainability mainstream. With that comes the dissemination of information regarding sustainable solutions. The more awareness is spread of eco-friendly and plastic-free options, the more accessible these options become. That’s why we were so thrilled that Sustainable Jungle included us in their recent article, S(h)aving the Earth with these 12 Eco Friendly & Zero Waste Razors! As we’ve expressed in this post, and in others as well, we are also huge advocates for minimizing the fear around zero waste shaving. In their article, Sustainable Jungle emphasizes the benefits of safety razors, including the cost savings, quality of shave, and how easy they are to use. Check it out! 

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