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On the Fence About Plastic-Free Shaving? Here Are 6 Highlights of Albatross Double Edged Safety Razors

On the Fence About Plastic-Free Shaving? Here Are 6 Highlights of Albatross Double Edged Safety Razors


Switching products or brands of any kind can be a daunting experience. This is especially true when the swap involves an intimate and delicate process: shaving. But fear not! Here are 6 highlights of Albatross safety razors that will not only improve your shaving experience, but will give you the most bang for your buck. 

  • Simpler Experience
    • Compared to plastic razors, safety razors do the work for you. You can simply let the weight of the razor guide you, and you don't need to apply any extra pressure when shaving. This makes the shaving experience with Albatross razors quite simple and enjoyable. 
  • Easy-to-Load Blades
    • What’s the most intimidating part of a safety razor? The blades! Although using any safety razor will require handling the blades, our doubled-edged razor blades are wider and easier to handle than other types of smaller, thinner blades. This means you can feel confident swapping out your blades with ease. 
  • Smoother Shave
    • Our unique Butterfly Razor design cuts down on the irritating abrasions caused by multi-blade shavers, allowing you to receive a closer and more comfortable shave. If you’re someone who has suffered from razor burn and bumps in the past, we’d recommend lathering up with a good shaving soap (try ours!), using an Albatross safety razor, and then applying a light lotion or using a lotion bar post-shave.
  • Fewer Strokes 
    • We’ve already mentioned some benefits of our classic double-edged blades, but another advantage of this razor style is that users can maximize their shave with fewer strokes and rinses. As any shaver knows, after a few minutes the blade becomes full and needs to be rinsed off before you can make another shaving stroke. Well, what if you could double the amount of time spent shaving in between rinses? With two edges, our users are able to swap to the 2nd side when one side is full, maximizing blade usage and the amount of time between rinses. 
  • Affordability 
    • We aim to make plastic-free living affordable and accessible to all, and we've set our safety razor starting price at $24.99. Designed for reusability, durability, and affordability, our shavers provide a lifetime of plastic free shaving and replacement blades cost only $0.25 each! 
  • Our Products Were Designed with the Ocean in Mind
    • Behind all of our products is the desire to not only design the best user experience possible, but to also protect and preserve our planet. While living and traveling extensively on a sailboat, our Founder witnessed the expansiveness of the plastic pollution problem firsthand and created Albatross Designs in order to help eliminate this plastic from our oceans and our landfills. 

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