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5 Highlights of Albatross Take Back Ware

5 Highlights of Albatross Take Back Ware

We’ve talked before about our Take Back Ware, the first product made in part from the upcycled blades we collect through the Albatross Blade Take Back Program. In addition to making a product that created a closed-loop system for the only semi-disposable item we sell (razor blades), we also wanted to use the production of Take Back Ware as an opportunity to design the most efficient, effective, and smart product possible. Here are 5 highlights of Albatross Take Back Ware: 

  • Compact 
    • Bamboo utensil sets have become quite popular – and if that’s your thing, more power to you! – but one of the benefits of using stainless steel is that you’re able to create a thinner and more compact product. Take Back Ware is just like the silverware you use at home, only lighter! This attribute makes Take Back Ware the perfect choice whenever you need to pack both compactly and lightly (which for most of us, is anytime we’re on-the-go!). 
  • They Clip Together
    • In addition to being generally lightweight and functional, Take Back Ware utensils conveniently clip together! We’ve designed Take Back Ware so it is literally stackable. The handle of the spoon includes two small knobs that the knife and fork are able to slide and lock into. Not only does this add to Take Back Ware’s space saving capabilities, it also makes it harder to lose individual utensils since they will all be bound together! Pro tip: the best stacking goes (from bottom to top): spoon, fork, knife. 
  • Durable 
    • How many times have you been using a flimsy set of utensils and you’ve had the fork tines break on you? Not only is it annoying, it’s wasteful! Now you have to get a replacement fork and hope that that one doesn’t break on you as well. Despite being lightweight and versatile, Take Back Ware is a durable good. Made with stainless steel, Take Back Ware is built to last. No more broken tines or inadequate cutting abilities! 
  • Bottle Opener 
    • Did you know that the knife also doubles as a bottle opener? That’s right! Just below the teeth there’s an indent that can be used to open glass bottles. This is just an added feature that we included in order to make Take Back Ware even more convenient and efficient. Especially for those who camp, having a multi-purpose set of utensils cuts back on the number of items you need to pack. Think of Take Back Ware as the swiss army knife of utensil sets! 
  • The Travel Bag is the Perfect Size
    • Each set of Take Back Ware comes with a hemp bag that you can keep the utensils in (or not) while on-the-go. This bag is thin, breathable and very easy to fold or adjust based on how much storage space you have available at any given time. However, the bag still has enough wiggle room so if you wanted to add a reusable napkin or straw to your travel utensil kit, there’s space to slip them into the bag as well. 

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