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Ocean Beach Sunset

Connecting with the Universe

It sounds cliche, but some of us at Albatross Designs think of the ocean as our church. It’s many things actually. Our living room, office, and even bedroom on long passages under sail. But it is also a church – a place of incredible majesty where – when surfing, for example – we must take a leap of faith and submit to our own inadequacy in the water as we try to ride the Earth’s wavelengths gracefully. Waves are real. They are energy. They are power. Can we find grace in the face of pressure today? Let us pray.

Sunrises and sunsets around the water are truly magical moments when whole worlds emerge and vanish, intersect and disjoin, and ultimately follow that fundamental of our existence: the sun is life’s official timepiece that determines so much about the natural, alive world we live in.

Encountering wildlife on the water is always inspirational. That time when we shared a wave with 7 dolphins? That was just next level incredible!

There are many incredible, natural places to connect with the universe. Big mountains – stable, strong, mighty. Meadows filled with wildflowers as far as the eye can see. The ocean – always old and always new. And then in the humblest of patio garden pots, a single Roma tomato astonishes as it emerges after enduring much adversity. 

The Nature we need is all around us. But too often we as a civilization are absolutely okay with destroying it for short term gain, or perhaps out of simple ignorance. The thing is, as we lose more parts of the Natural world we lose – as humans – the ability to learn from these things, to understand better because of these things.

Sure, it absolutely makes sense to protect the planet to promote our own direct self-interest– a healthy planet means healthier and happier humans. But, we must aim to promote balance within the ecosphere to protect so much more. 

At Albatross Designs, we posit that as humans our greatest goal should be to understand who we are as both a people and a person, and that to fully grasp this, we must have a connection to the natural world that existed here before us and incubated our trajectory towards the Anthropocene, or where we are now. 

Connecting to the Natural world is connection to the universe. The health of the Natural world is the health of all of us. Saving the majesty of Mother Earth is indispensable to the health of both our bodies and minds.

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