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Albatross Razors: Zero Waste, Zero Gender Discrimination

Albatross Razors: Zero Waste, Zero Gender Discrimination

Since the beginning of Albatross Designs, we have been clear and vocal about something important: Our zero waste razors are impeccable tools made to handle all of your shaving needs independent of your gender. We make durable, reliable tools that shave well for everyone. 

For us, making gender neutral products is important for a number of reasons. First, it aligns with one of our primary goals to make sustainability mainstream. The more versatile and affordable eco-friendly and plastic-free options are, the more accessible these options become. The last thing we would want is for an individual of any gender to peruse our line of products and think “these aren’t made for me”. We aim to be a one-stop-shop for any and all who have the desire to promote purposeful living by purchasing zero waste products that build a culture of sustainability. 

Expanding on the aforementioned notion of affordability, we also believe in eliminating the disparity between pricing that men and women often pay for similar (or sometimes even identical) products. Overwhelmingly, products marketed to women are saddled with a “pink tax” that makes them considerably more expensive than the male version of the same products. For example, studies have shown that in the past “women paid as much as 50% more than men did for similar products'' like bodywash or shampoo (source: Healthline). Moreover, with shaving products alone, women will spend roughly 11% more than men for essentially the same plastic razors and cartridges (source: Healthline). Many shaving companies out there like to market their razors differently to men and women. They often obsess with combining masculine marketing doublespeak and imagery to the razors they want to sell to males. Some razor companies even offer a set of 2 razors so that their customers are forced into buying more – their giant head one for wide open spaces and their tiny headed one for ‘tighter’ areas. 

At Albatross Designs, we view a business strategy with a “pink tax” or a lot of doublespeak as an affront to our entire design philosophy and ethos as a company. It doesn’t make environmentally sound sense to create products that can’t shave it all well. It’s also disingenuous to pretend that individuals of different genders need to use different tools. We want to break through this barrier of gender discrimination and price inflation and provide zero waste solutions for all. In fact, you can think of Albatross Designs as the “Goldilocks” of our industry – just right! No matter what you’re shaving on the human body, our razors will do an amazing job! 

We may be a little biased, but we believe that Albatross Designs provides the best zero waste shaving experience. We hope that you will join us in our mission to create affordable, gender neutral, and plastic-free solutions for all!
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