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Take Back Ware: Why We Started Making Forks from Shaving Blades

Take Back Ware: Why We Started Making Forks from Shaving Blades

Way back when AlbatrossDesigns.It was starting we also designed and Introduced our Blade Take Back Program—the first of its kind in the world. Our Take Back Program started slowly which was a good thing because it gave us time to figure out what we wanted to do with all the blades we were collecting!

One thing seemed certain from the start though: we weren’t going to use these blades to make new blades. We wanted to truly “Upcycle” the blades into a durable product that would be around for a while-- we wanted a Sustainability metamorphosis. As a design company we were very excited by the challenge of answering the question of what to make. We thought it would be very fun. We also thought that it could be revolutionary to prove how this type of thing is actually possible.

we have contemplated and experimented with several ideas. The only limiting factor on an idea being that it, too, yields a positive environmental benefit.  The first of those products has recently been released, our Albatross Take Back Ware. Take Back Ware is a mobile cutlery set meant for you to “Take It Back With You Wherever You Go!” Whether you’re grabbing take out from a restaurant or simply heating up some leftovers at work or school, Take Back Ware is a compact, durable cutlery set that will enable you to say good bye forever to plastic silverware.

Albatross Designs has the very specific mission of Making Sustainability Mainstream, and making a new product from our first product is monumental for us because at the core of all of our action is the desire to change our current, outdated systems into something better. After all, we as a people have been to the moon—why can’t we figure out how to stop using senseless single-use plastic?  

We feel Take Back Ware is a great start in that direction. 100 million plastic cutlery pieces are thrown away every day in the US alone. Take Back Ware is our attempt to begin combating this all the while proving possible some of our crazy vision for a clean, healthy and just future. Specifically, that we can minimize waste streams, and what ‘waste’ there is can actually contribute to building something new and close to the heart of a company like ours.

We are going after another big, bad plastic waste stream in 2020 and beyond (Plastic Silverware). Please join us in our quest to eliminate single use plastic cutlery.

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