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Albatross Razors: Classic Style in a Modern Form

Albatross Razors: Classic Style in a Modern Form

Back in 2015 when we launched our first line of razors (and became the world’s 1st zero waste shaving company), our goal was to offer our customers the most value and the best shave possible. Period.

It’s true that nothing shaves better than a single-edged shave, but we had some decisions to make. We asked ourselves: Should we make a contemporary version of a classic double-edged safety razor, or should we make a modern form of a classically styled one?

We opted for a classically styled one for a couple reasons. First, these classically styled razors are genuinely beautiful, and using one makes you feel that your shaving routine just got a little bit classier. Second, while modern iterations of the safety razor often only have a single-edged blade, we knew we wanted the performance and functionality of a double-edged safety razor. Third, going with a classically styled one aligned best with our overall design philosophy. You see, there are areas where over-engineering makes sense, but in other areas that just becomes a waste of resources, time, energy, and emissions. Our double-edged safety razor will outperform any shaving razor on the market. Most importantly to our team, our products are not built upon hyped up marketing schemes that act as though there has been some sort of miraculous, scientific breakthrough in the shaving arena.

We say this because, at the end of the day, there truly is only so much innovation that can be done when it comes to shaving. Other companies may exaggerate in this area, but that is the truth. The task is to make a tool that can cut hairs at their base effortlessly and safely. Our double-edged safety razors do this, and the underlying design that enables them to do this has been proven for over a hundred years. It’s a known fact that multi-blade razors simply can’t compete with a single blade shaving system. Moreover, the parameters of our design prompt have proven that there is a specific blade angle range that will work well for shaving. Outside of this range, shaving quality declines. Within this range, success is ensured.

We are proud to be the world’s 1st zero waste shaving company, and we continue to be the most sustainable, forward-thinking shaving company around. We are also proud to be able to stick to our goal of making reliable and affordable double-edged safety razors. We offer a lifetime warranty on our razors, even though they cost much less than some of these hyped-up “gimmick razors” that are often advertised. 

All this being said, we couldn’t do any of it without you! Thank you for your continued support, friends!

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