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Full Speed Ahead: Sustainability Now!

It’s now 2020, a fresh decade and a critical one for the survival of Life as we know it. In this decade society must change significantly if the health of the planet, including that of all the people who live here, is to be ensured. 

The costs of willful ignorance and inaction have never been greater. However, never have there been so many heroes in our world like you willing and prepared to do what it takes to save our beautiful planet! It is with this fact in mind that we want to remind you to “Have fun while you save the world!”

Really? Have fun while fighting the destruction of an entire bio-sphere? Well, yes. We of course wish it didn’t have to get done, but it does. And, here’s the thing, progress towards sustainability actually feels really great-- so have fun with it! We are trying to at least.

Our motto for this year is: Full Speed Ahead: Sustainability Now! This year we aim to hoist our biggest sails, and make the most positive change we can. The world needs sustainability now, and the longer it takes to reach that point, the worse the health of our planet is going to get.

We started with the goal of being a design company that designs solutions to many environmental problems. This has always excited us, but this year things are different. We’re taking bigger risks, pursuing projects with smaller safety nets, and overall just turning up the volume on what we can do across more projects. The music needs to be played louder if everybody is going to hear it, and we’re prepared to make some noise!

We conclude with this: Do Not Fear Success! Success is everywhere around us. It is in flicking the light switch off when you leave the room, and rinsing your dishes with cold water (so as to not unnecessarily use heating energy). Success is in taking a walk instead of a drive. It is in voting having researched who has been corrupted by fossil fuels. Success takes thinking, and it takes changing, but because we are the captain’s of our fate, and master’s of our souls all it really takes is a desire to win. A desire to see the world be the better place it can be. Then it is just a matter of action.

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