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We. Design. Broadly.  

Albatross Designs is helping create a sustainable future by designing products and systems that solve environmental problems.  We are inspired to action by our love for the sea, and the sense of moral obligation one has when they truly discover the current state of the environment.

Our products are purpose built to make your life better and enable more environmentally sustainable living.

A clean shave for you and the ocean.

In launching our shaver shop, we identified a daily habit that represents substantial plastic waste and devised the solution of offering high quality all-metal safety razors.  

Making the switch from a plastic cartridge razor to our double-edge safety razor provides fantastic benefit to both the shaver and the environment.

For starters, shaving with a safety razor is far more cost effective. Compare our 15 cent replacement blades to the average cost of a plastic razor cartridge, which can easily cost up to $4 per cartridge, and sometimes even more.

The beauty is that the less expensive option provides a superior shave. Due to design, our razors do not cause the type of skin irritation that many have, sadly, come to accept and expect in shaving with commonplace plastic cartridge-style products.  

Finally, and perhaps best of all, shaving with an Albatross razor is the eco-friendly option.  You'll get the barber-quality wet shave you've been dreaming of without generating plastic waste that harms the environment and ocean ecology.

Intelligent Lifestyle.  Wisdom & Grace.   


Instagram:  albatross_sailing

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